Laajalahti 7 October 2012

Our final session of the season was today. We had a big team with A & A, Ina, Jussi, Matthias, EPa, Sonja and Micce. The Acrocephalus season is now really over, we did not get any at all (yesterday there had been some). We used playback to increase the number of birds (as the season for standardised ringing is over), including Chiffchaffs (both normal and tristis), some other Phylloscopus, and Reed Buntings. At first the sky was clear, and it was almost calm at least closer to the ground, and +5C. Later during the day it became more windy, and soon the wind was much stronger than we would have wished for. The sun rose about 7.30, and we continued trapping until 12.30. The water level was again very high, over 40cm over the average at its highest during the trapping, and we used only five nets of the outer net line , but tried to compensate that by using the four net sites inside the wood instead.

  yearlings ringed older ringed yearlings retrapped older retrapped
Yellowhammer 2      
Eurasian Reed Bunting 24 3   1
Great Tit 12 5 3 1
Blue Tit 10   4 1
Blackcap 1      
Brambling 1      
Chaffinch 1      
Tree Sparrow 6      
Siskin 3 1    
Lesser Redpoll   1    
Eurasian Robin 4
Fieldfare 1      
Blackbird 4      
Eurasian Treecreeper 1      
Chiffchaff 11     1
Willow Warbler 1      

The total was 103 birds.

This was the best bird of the day: an adult male Eurasian Reed Bunting with a Parisian ring.

Here's the ring.

Here's a Lesser Redpoll Carduelis flammea cabaret, adult female.

For us Fieldfare was a new species to be ringed in Laajalahti this year.

As was Yellowhammer, this is first calendar-year female.