ISSN 2342-0510

Caluta is a free birdwatching and ornithological journal distributed on the web. There is no fixed publishing schedule. The next issue will be published when there is enough material for it. We target about two articles annually. You can always down load the journal, both the latest and the previous issues, from If you prefer a printed journal, you can send the file for printing to some web-based printing house.

Caluta publishes bird studies, including, but not limited to, identification articles. There are no geographical limits. There are, of course, quality requirements. The editorial team will assess all manuscripts. There should be at least some original results in every article. The relevant literature should be referred to in a proper way. The material and methods should be described in detail.

Among other purposes, Caluta aims to be a referable medium for studies which would otherwise be published on web pages. Because it is an electronic journal, there are no financial or spatial limits to the number of published photographs – as many can be included as is optimal for the purposes of the paper. Also the editors will not set any maximum length for the articles – the article should be no shorter or longer than is needed to describe the study and its results. The journal is also an optimal medium for publishing studies which are deemed to be too uncommercial for printed journals which are dependant on subscription fees.

As the journal is free, we cannot pay writers or photographers anything, at least for the time being.